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I first entered the field of chiropractic after a lengthy--but ultimately successful--battle with chronic low back pain dating back to when I was in eighth grade. I remember days in college where I would have to leave class early due to excruciating back pain, knowing only to lay on my bedroom floor and wait for my pain to improve. My journey first took me to all the usual suspects--pain kilers, muscle relaxers, multiple injections, surgical consultations, physical therapy, and even consistent chiropractic adjustments. None of these treatments seemed to have any lasting effect, resulting in frustration and fear that I may have to simply live as a prisoner to my pain.

It wasn't until two years into my college career that I began to learn more about the nature of chronic pain, human movement patterns, and the mechanisms that were resulting in my low back pain. As my knowledge base grew, the previously unknown nature of my pain--and by extension the fear I held regarding that pain--began to decrease. I started performing daily exercises that provided me with pain-free movement strategies, and adopted a regular routine of chiropractic treatment and muscle work to ensure I was not putting too much stress through my low back. Soon I began to notice my confidence in my low back growing my back pain became less and less debilitating, and after several months I achieved the freedom from my back pain I had once feared I would never find. 

In practice, I combine chiropractic adjustments and various hands-on soft tissue techniques with the targeted application of active rehabilitative exercises to address underlying movement patterns--providing patients with the control over their bodies to begin to move more freely and deliberately--helping patients remain active and pain free. I place a strong emphasis on improving patients’ knowledge regarding their pain, and providing patient-focused treatment strategies to improve their current pain levels as well as prevent future injury.