Movements to Improve Surfing Technique While Stuck at Home

As you are likely aware, most of the beaches in San Diego have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During these wild times there are still aspects of your surfing that can be worked on and improved for when the beaches open back up.

Here is a video of Taylor Knox riding a “carver” skateboard. These skateboards are specifically designed to approximate the feeling of surfing, and can be an excellent tool for breaking down surfing mechanics and technique.

As you watch this video, pay attention to how his body stays compressed and low through his turns. This allows his body to store energy throughout the turn, resulting in the famous Taylor Knox rail turns he is known for. It is a common mistake seen in surfing where the surfer has a tendency to decompress their bodies too early. The result is similar to stoping a golf swing halfway through--you lose the kinetic energy your body created through the first half of the turn (or swing in the golfing example), resulting in less power in your turn and a lose of speed that results in an inability to move smoothly into the next maneuver.

The second thing to watch here is how he leads his turns with his gaze, and opens up his shoulders towards where he wants to go—especially prevalent when he is looking to turn the board 180 degrees. The shoulders should open up towards your turn, with your gaze directed towards the part of the wave you wish to end your turn on. As you rotate your shoulders, you generate kinetic energy that is transferred from the shoulder girdle through, the abdominal region, and into the hips and board. Having this connection between the shoulders and hips is perhaps the most critical aspect for not only surfing performance, but also to help avoid repetitive “wear and tear” injuries commonly seen in surfers in areas such as the low back, hips and knees.

These types of movement patterns are addressed with every patient that comes in to Move Past Pain: Chiropractic and Rehabilitation with the goal of helping patients break out of painful movement patterns and start surfing pain free with more power and control in their movements.

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