What Patients Are Saying


Riley S.

Dr. Kelly was super helpful from our first session to our last.  During our first session, he took his time getting to know and understand my injury.  He regularly updated me on what he thought the best course of treatment was.  He always gave me the "why" behind the exercises he prescribed and frequently showed me diagrams of the muscular and skeletal system so I understood the area I was targeting.  I never felt rushed during my visits and I always left his office feeling better, physically and mentally, than I had when I arrived. With consistent treatment, he was able to almost eradicate any pain within a few months.  Aside from all this, Dr. Kelly's cool, laidback personality and professionalism made him a wonderful doctor to see.

Ally B.

Dr. Kelly is the most involved chiropractor I have ever worked with. He really worked to understand my pain and provided excellent individualized care for my decade long shoulder and back issues. He dove deep into my pain issues and provided me with not only the adjustments that I needed but also worked with me on physical exercises and breathing exercises. I really felt like he cared about my total body wellness and not just the shoulder/back issues. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Kelly to anyone who has minor or major pain issues.

Angelika O.

Dr. Shane Kelly is unlike any other chiropractor I've been treated by. He spends a significant amount of time teaching about the body and what exercises you can do to feel better. It's not just a quick adjustment like other chiros. He's extremely knowledgeable. He takes the time to hear what's bothering you and get to the root of the problem. He is a down to earth person while still remaining professional. I recommend him to everyone! Def worth your time and money!

Catie Kelly G.

I have seen many chiropractors over the years (for shoulder and hip issues), and Dr. Shane Kelly is one of the best. He is knowledgable about the body and treats me like an individual. His adjustments improve my pain and discomfort and leave me feeling more at ease and comfortable in my body. What I love most about seeing him is how I am an active participant in the soft tissue release, moving my muscles as he massages them in a certain way. Last, he provides me with practical and easy to follow stretches to do at home, which actually work! He models the stretch, has me do it in the office, and gives specific and helpful feedback on how I could improve my form to get the most benefit. Supportive, intuitive, and friendly, he's been a great help to me. I am so grateful for his care.